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Jibek Jolu is now in Glenview

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In 2010, we founded our little restaurant on the northside of Chicago. We named it Jibek Jolu to convey the rich culinary and cultural background that the restaurant would represent.

Jibek Jolu means The Silk Road, which was the first-known trade route connecting the East to the West. A vast part of this route was the region that is now known as the Post-Soviet states; sovereign states that emerged from the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. These countries along The Silk Road inherited a unique synthesis of different cuisines which we serve at Jibek Jolu.

What started as a passion for our culture turned into a lifelong journey of mastering cooking, hospitality, and excellence in service. For 10 years, we have grown, and welcomed more professional chefs and personnel to our team. Currently, more than 30 professionals of various ethnic and cultural backgrounds are proud members of the Jibek Jolu team.

As we expanded, more and more guests requested for add another location with a parking space, larger space, and a terrace to dine outdoor. And we heard the requests.

The prestigious neighborhood we chose to open our second location is not too far from downtown Chicago. It encompasses a shopping mall, movie theater, boutiques, small family-owned shops, and parks in the heart of The Glen in Glenview, Illinois. It has enough parking space, and most importantly, spacious rooms inside the restaurant. We crafted a beautiful large bar, we have tables for two to 20, as well as a lovely terrace.

We promise an amazing experience! Our menu at The Glen offers an even larger variety of cuisine, with even more delightful dishes and drinks prepared by the best chefs and barmen in the area. The interior of the restaurant is a sight to see, unlike anything you have seen before. We hired the best interior designers, leather, glass, wood, bronze, and felt craftsmen in Kyrgyzstan to assemble a modern design with a nomadic spirit. All the pieces of this ensemble are handmade and brought all the way from Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Italy and Russia.

We wholeheartedly invite our loyal patrons and new guests to our second restaurant in Glenview, IL.

Jibek Jolu is now in Naperville
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