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Jibek Jolu is now in Naperville

On June 26 2020 the second location of Jibek Jolu has opened in Naperville, Illinois. An in-store restaurant inside the Garden Fresh Market provides a small dine-in area. It is a perfect one-stop-shop for those of you who are time-starved and convenience-seeking. Choose from more than 100 items – all made from scratch by our talented chefs. Chefs create meals from locally farmed, chemical-free meats, and produce. We cater to many dietary needs including vegetarian, low-carb, high-fat, etc. We have special offers for each of you!

1. Grab freshly cooked or ready-to-cook meals after a long day at work.

Having a tasty, well-balanced food for dinner at home should not be a luxury. Save time with a large variety of delicious meals. Please, stop by Jibek Jolu Naperville 7 days a week from 10 AM till 6/7PM.

2. Enjoy your well-balanced meal on the road!

Being on the road should not limit you from tasty nutritious homemade food. Therefore, we offer:

1) Meals packaged to travel well;
2) Microwavable boxes;
3) Ready-to-eat meals on the go;
4) Free delivery to any location, even a parking spot!
5) 10% Off orders over $100.

3. Stay productive while we deliver your lunch to your workplace!

A one-hour lunch break isn’t always enough. Save your time for more important tasks, let us take care of your well-balanced never boring lunches! We offer:

1) Delivery of individual and corporate hot lunch boxes;
2) Customizable meal plans for your workweek;
3) Special discounts for corporate orders or recurring orders.

Share this news with your friends and colleagues. Contact us to proceed with the orders.

Jibek Jolu is now in Glenview
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