Dear Customer, thank you for reaching us out. We have prepared a little guide on the catering services to help you out with preparing to your perfect event.

0. Define the service type
#ActionsInformation the Jibek Jolu needsYes/NoNotesStatus
1Catering:Jibek Jolu serves the food at the venue from hot gourmet meals prepared on-site to buffet food served in chafing dishes or party platters. Catering usually requires the presence of the Jibek Jolu staff, a chef and two-three supporting kitchen staff. Jibek Jolu can offer catering services with serviveware up to 60 people. For events from 50 people and more, we highly recommend full-service banquet halls. If needed, Jibek Jolu can also involve servers. Please, check the list below if you want to order catering service. 
2Delivery:Jibek Jolu delivers fully cooked meals to the address provided by the customer. Depending on the distance, the delivery fee is charged. No additional services such as serverware rental or kitchen staff is provided. If you would like to order food delivery, please give us a call at
+1 (827) 904-2640
+1 (872) 239-9100

Please, check out the following checklist of information that Jibek Jolu needs to perform a catering service.

1. Define the venue
1Contact person at the venue    
3Number of people    
4Number of tables    
5Start time    
6Does the venue provide waiters    
7Does the venue provide dishes    
8Does the venue have kitchenno   
2. Define the menu. Menu available at or we can discuss it over the phone or in person.
Main course    
3. Describe the estimated schedule of the event.
1Official start time  Salads and cold appetizers, bread, fruits should be at the table. 
2Actual start time (estimated)  By this time, we serve hot appetizers 
3Serving soup  Usually, 15 min from time guests are seated 
4Hot dish  Depending on the menu 
5Main Course  Usually, an 1.30 hour before the end of the event 
6Dessert  Usually, half an hour before the end of the event