Cheese Plate

Feta, parmesan, blue cheese,
camembert with walnut, honey,

West of Silk Road

Crunchy french green beans with
Black Angus steak, cherry tomatoes,
jalapeno, onion, garlic in soy sauce.
Drizzled with Teriyaki sauce


Pickled herring, sauerkraut,
sliced pickle, served with rye


Crispy golden deep fried
turnover filled with juicy ground
beef and cilantro


Traditional appetizer with
pickles, pickled tomatoes,


Savory handmade baked
pastry filled with chopped
beef and onion

Lamb Leg Roulette

The leg is pounded thin and rolled
up with a filling of asparagus,
cheese, spinach, five types of dried
peppers, and garlic

Crispy Eggplant

Juicy inside, crispy outside eggplant
sautéed in soy, sweet & sour sauce
with cherry tomatoes. Served warm

Whole Trout

The trout is boneless and roasted in the
oven with tomatoes, mozzarella cheese,
asparagus, and a marinade of olive oil,
garlic, and lemon juice