Assorted Mangal

Feast of taste that transports to a world of nomadic culinary delight. Lamb chops, beef cubes, lamb cubes, chicken cubes, salmon kebabs delightfully accompanied with grilled vegetables
serves 4- 6 people

Khan Plov

The most authentic rice dish Plov cooked in cast-iron kazan with lamb, carrot and clove of garlic on top wrapped in lavash bread
serves 3 – 5 people

Shashlik Burana

Assorted skewers of lamb, chicken ,beef and chicken wings. Served with grilled vegetables and garlic roasted potatoes.
serves 4- 6 people

Tandoor lamb (Tash Kordo)

Whole lamb, divided into jointed parts, marinated for 24 hours in cumin, garlic, coriander, and black pepper. Grilled and melted in its
own juice, served with a side dish of young potatoes and grilled vegetables.