Best Central Asian Cuisine in Chicago


$4.00 Samsy

Baked puff pastry filled with chopped beef or chicken .

$3.00 Pirojki

2 small pieces of deep fried pie with sauteed cabbage.

$1.00 Blinchiki

Russian style small light pancake served with sour crème.

4.5 Julienne

Chicken fillet, mushrooms, cheese stirred and baked in a creamy sauce

6.5 Golubci Sour

Sour cabbage rolls stuffed with rice and ground beef


$4.50 Carrot Salad

Spicy carrot with garlic mixed in extra virgin olive oil.

$6.50 Jibek Jolu Special

Pan fried tender beef with onions, garlic and cucumbers served on soy sauce.

$5.75 Avocado Salad

Avocados, tomatoes and cucumbers seasoned with salt and pepper

4.50 Funcheza

Starch noodle salad with sliced beef and vegetables

7.50 Greek Salad

Vegetables mixed with feta cheese, black olives in olive oil



Preprava (Russian hot sauce)
Airan (Turkish side sauce)
Lazy (Kyrgyz hot sauce)
Grill Sauce
Special Sauce $2.00


large $12.95/small $9.95 Lagman

Sliced vegetables and stewed beef served with Hand Pulled Noodles.

large $11.95/small $9.95 Oromo

Traditional steamed pie made with minced potatoes, onions, cabbage and carrots in a long thin wrap.

large $11.95 (3 pieces) / small $9.95 (2 pieces) Kotlety

Mini turkey and beef patties served with homemade mashed potatoes and cabbage salad.

large $12.95/​small $9.95 Plov

Rice dish in a seasoned broth stirred with beef, lamb and vegetables.

large $11.95/small $8.95 Pelmeni

Homemade triangular dumplings stuffed with ground beef and onions served with yogurt sauce.

large $10.95/small $8.95 Vareniki

Crescent shaped dumplings stuffed with feta cheese or mashed potatoes.

Shashlik / Lula Kebab

Marinated tender juicy cubes of meat. Plate served with rice and cabbage salad. Chicken skewer $6.95 / plate $9.95 Lamb skewer $7.95 / plate $9.95 Lula skewer $7.95 / plate $9.95 / large plate $14.95 Grilled vegetables $5.5

large $11.95/small $8.95 Golubci Sour

Sour cabbage rolls, with rice and ground beef inside.

Beef $14.95/Chicken $11.95/Shrimp $13.95 Jarovnya

Pan sauteed meat with fresh vegetables served on a roasting fajita pan with side rice.

Lamb $18.95​​/Chicken $14.95​/Mix $17.95 Tandyr Shashlik

2 skewers of shashlyk baked in a traditional clay oven served with rice, comes with choice of soup or salad.

large $12.95/small $9.95 Tandyr Okorochka

Marinated chicken leg quarters baked in Tandoor, served with roasted potatoes and cabbage salad.

$13.95 Boso Lagman

Sliced vegetables and stewed beef served with fried hand pulled Noodles.

$19.95 Grilled Salmon

Salmon fillet with hints of lemon and garlic served with rice and cabbage salad, comes with choice of soup or salad.

$19.95 Lamb Chops

Marinated grilled lamb chops served with rice and cabbage salad. Comes with soup or salad.

$18.95 Assorti Grill

Lamb Chops, Lula Kebab, Grilled Salmon served with rice and fresh salad.

15.95 Guro Lagman Lamb

Pan sauteed slices of lamb with vegetables, served over hand pulled noodles.


large $8.75/small $5.75 Solyanka

Sweet and sour thick soup cooked with smoked sausage, pickled cucumbers, potatoes.

large $6.75/small $4.75 Borsh

Red beetroot soup sliced fresh cabbage, carrots, green, red peppers, potatoes, celery and beets.

large $7.75​/small $5.75 Pelmeni Soup

Pelmeni (small meat dumplings) in a clear broth.

large $6.75/ small $4.75 Lentil Soup

Hearty and filling yet light and vegetarian thick soup.

Side Dishes

Side Dishes

Grilled Vegetables $5.50
Homemade mashed potatoes $2.50
Steamed Rice $2.50
Roasted baby potatoes $2.50
Fresh salad $3.50
Macaroni $2.50

Homemade Desserts