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This lively family-run eatery serves authentic Kyrgyzstani fare, a cuisine that draws influences from Turkey, Iran, India, Pakistan and China. A meat-heavy menu reflects the nomadic nature of the early Kyrgyz people, who moved too frequently to plant crops. Hearty soups are among…


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“Don’t expect the food in Kyrgyzstan to be the highlight of your trip,” reads the back of the menu at the Jibek Jolu, the brand new Kyrgyzstani restaurant in Lincoln Square that some eagle eye on LTHForum spotted a mere three days after its opening last …



Cushioned in a northern corner of Lincoln Square is a truly unique restaurant, Jibek Jolu, where the menu highlights Krygyz cuisine and takes diners on a culinary tour of Central Asia. Krygyzstan has had a rich and turbulent history of empires and leaders past, with different cultures …

Guest Post! Jonathan is back with another tale from Chicago. Kyrgyz food looks interesting. I don’t even know if we have that here in NY… but read on for the delicious tale!

I had to look on a map to find Kyrgyzstan. Actually, I first had to find out how to spell it, before I could find the central Asian country officially known as the Kyrgyz Republic. As I had guessed (clearly), it is bordered by Kazakhstan to the north, Uzbekistan to the west, Tajikistan to the southwest and China to the east. So much work before heading off to a restaurant! It was like homework. But I had to know a little about what I was about to eat.


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Jibek Jolu Mini-Review
By Jill Rohde
Discovering a new and unique ethnic cuisine is one of our top thrills. So we were panting at the door when this tidy crimson-colored storefront, specializing in grub from Kyrgyzstan, opened at the northern edge of Lincoln Square. Its name means “Silk Road,” and the dishes—all under


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This family-run Krgyzstani restaurant is the city’s first of its kind. While the menu tempers expectations with the warning, “Don’t expect the food in Kyrgyzstan to be the highlight of your trip,” a visit to Jibek Jolu, whose name translates to Silk Road, is certainly worthwhile—if not simply to satisfy 


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A couple of months ago we were walking north on Lincoln and noticed that the former Pizzeria D’Ora space was being renovated. A friendly yet shy young man said it was going to be a ?Central Asian? restaurant. We returned after they officially opened and discovered that the owners are from Kyrgyzstan,



Best Central Asian food in the midwest!
Jibek Jolu means “Silk Road” in Kyrgyz. To the best of my knowledge this is the only Central Asian restaurant in the midwest. If you want to try something unique, this is the place to go.
I spent a year living in Central Asia as a student and when I heard there was a Central Asian restaurant in Chicago