Best Central Asian Cuisine in Chicago

Jibek Jolu


Jibek Jolu, or The Silk Road, gets its name from the rewarding Chinese silk trade route which connected many trade routes into a wide Central Asian network. As a result, Kyrgyz cuisine has absorbed elements from all of the cultures with which it came into contact. You will find many dishes that are common throughout Central Asia.

Kyrgyz food reflects a mixture of cuisines from Russia, China, Turkey, Afghanistan, India and beyond.

Jibek Jolu is Chicago’s first and only Kyrgyz restaurant, one that will allow you to truly enjoy unique flavors, hand pulled noodles, fresh baked bread, and tender, perfectly seasoned meat.

Jibek Jolu serves authentically homemade, very unique and delicious food. Everything in this kitchen is made from scratch. Hospitality is very important to us so we make sure there is a great atmosphere and excellent service to ensure our guests leave happy, satisfied, and full.

Meat prepared in various forms has always been a primary ingredient in the traditional Kyrgyz menu, however we have also have excellent vegetarian options. We serve delicious dumplings, pies, and noodle dishes. We frequently add new dishes to our menu and prepare seasonal selections as well.

Jibek Jolu, features elements of many different cuisines and allows you to have a taste of many cultures all at one stop.

We serve Halal\Organic meat. Its BYOB