Best Central Asian Cuisine in Chicago

Jibek Jolu Restaurant

Jibekjolu is Chicago’s first and only Kyrgyz restaurant, one that will allow you to truly enjoy unique flavors, hand pulled noodles, fresh baked bread, and tender, perfectly seasoned meat.

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Everything in this kitchen is made from scratch. We serve delicious dumplings, pies, and noodle dishes.  Kyrgyz food reflects a mixture of cuisines from Russia, China, Turkey, …


Kyrgyz Plov (Rice)

It consists of pieces of meat (generally mutton or beef, but sometimes chicken) fried in a large qazan (a cast-iron cauldron) and mixed with fried shredded carrots and cooked rice.


Besh Barmak (Five Fingers)

The term Beshbarmak means "five fingers", because the dish is eaten with one's hands. The boiled meat is usually diced with knives and often mixed with boiled noodles


Manty (Dumpling)

Another famous dish throughout Central Asia. Time and energy-consuming, the preparation of manty is often a family activity, even enlisting the help of the young